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The Waiting Room Food Talk is Good Medicine

Food Talk is Good Medicine

Some of the most memorable moments in medical practice are the times when a patient and clinician can chit-chat like friends.

The Waiting Room When Prejudice Influences Patient Care

When Prejudice Influences Patient Care

Although clinicians must treat every patient, regardless of their illness or their past, circumstances may influence the emotional connection a care provider establishes.

Advisor Forum

Most Memorable Patient Medical Lessons Learned

Medical Lessons Learned

It is amazing to think of how much medicine has evolved as I've watched.

Clinical Pearls Auscultating and Palpating

Auscultating and Palpating

Close your eyes when auscultating or palpating.

Case Files Arthralgias After Cancer

Arthralgias After Cancer

Pam was a 54-year-old woman who had recently been diagnosed with endometrial and ovarian cancer.


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