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Indian PAs starting primary care

Ebin Abraham, PA, explains how the Indian PA profession began in cardiology and is now starting to expand into primary care to help meet rural health needs.

Complaints not taken 

A clinician misdiagnoses thyroid cancer as acid reflux in a patient who often comes to the clinic.

Severe insulin resistance in T2DM

Patients with type 2 diabetes and severe insulin resistance may require large doses of insulin to achieve glycemic control.

Influenza: How serious is it?

Providers should educate their patients on the prevalence of influenza, its potential complications, and the available prevention options.

Red spot, fever in an infant

The child and her twin tested positive
for influenza B infection one week earlier. The child's pulse, respirations, and blood pressure were within normal limits.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have structural and anti-inflammatory roles in the human body.

The Clinical Advisor Summit

A 3-day conference offering focused sessions in high-demand practice and clinical areas.

2015 NP/PA Salary Survey

The results are based on analysis of 3,019 NPs who responded to the NP survey, and 1,490 PAs who responded to the PA survey.


The Waiting Room The importance of proper names

The importance of proper names

Using the correct names for parts of the reproductive system can lead to better knowledge and care of the body.

The Waiting Room When life imitates art: Gaslighting in the bedroom

When life imitates art: Gaslighting in the bedroom

In sleep studies, a partner's report of the patient's symptoms can be invaluable, but what if they're lying?

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Clinical Pearls The right touch

The right touch

One clinician encourages the use of touch when taking a patient's history.

Your Comments Vaccination, parents, and children

Vaccination, parents, and children

Vaccinations cannot be equated to antibiotics.

Your Comments Stopping prescription drug abuse

Stopping prescription drug abuse

Emergency providers need to make every effort to be responsible prescribers.


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