Clinical Features

DVT: History and evolution of treatment

DVT is a significant source of morbidity and mortality.

Case Study: Headache, Back Pain, and ...


Acute infectious diarrhea: a clinical approach

Conducting a thorough history is an important first step in determining the proper management of patients with acute infectious diarrhea.

T2D guideline recommends moderate HbA1C target

Sexual harassment at work

A nurse in a VA facility files a complaint against a clinician, which ends with a criminal conviction.

Beyond Rx: OTC Corner

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Managing acute UTIs in postmenopausal women

The flu pandemic of 1918

Long-acting reversible contraceptives: a review

LARCs should be a first-line contraceptive option for most women.


The Waiting Room Discrepancy of Sleep in Patients with Paradoxical Insomnia

Discrepancy of Sleep in Patients with Paradoxical Insomnia

In patients with paradoxical insomnia, also called sleep state misperception, there is a significant discrepancy between objective sleep quality and subjective perception of sleep.

The Waiting Room Frightening parasomnias of childhood sleep

Frightening parasomnias of childhood sleep

Parasomnias usually occur in healthy children, but the differential can include neurologic, psychiatric, and mental disorders, so careful observation and a good history and physical are important.

Advisor Forum

Case Files Postobstruction diuresis

Postobstruction diuresis

Mr J was an 89-year-old man with a long history of problems voiding due to increasing benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Most Memorable Patient Celebrating life at the end of life

Celebrating life at the end of life

We walked the tightrope daily trying to keep her comfortable

Your Comments LARC implant dimensions

LARC implant dimensions

In a comment by a reader, Nexplanon implant dimensions are not 4 cm x 2 cm.


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