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Interventions in childhood obesity

Effective use of research-based interventions and recommendations for overweight and obese children begin with initiating a conversation with the family.

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MCL tear in teen lacrosse player

A 16-year-old male presents with a 1-week history of right knee pain following a lacrosse injury.

Lead poisoning: Current practice guidelines

An aging national infrastructure and paint in old homes increase the risk for lead poisoning and significant health-related problems in children and adults.

Dizziness after gastric bypass surgery

A patient came to the clinic to discuss her dizzy spells 4 years after her Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery.

Guideline for managing kidney stones

Guideline from the American Urological Association has been revised to incorporate the management of patients with staghorn renal stones.

Managing concussion in primary care

The incidence of concussion is increasing in children and adults, as is the demand for clinicians who can diagnose and treat both patient groups.

A clinician and patient mistake

It is well-accepted that healthcare practitioners have a duty to their patients, but do patients have a duty as well?


The Waiting Room Using caffeine to promote alertness

Using caffeine to promote alertness

If used appropriately, caffeine can help medical personnel stay alert throughout the day.

The Waiting Room Using activity trackers to monitor transfusion-dependent patients

Using activity trackers to monitor transfusion-dependent patients

Activity trackers may help transfusion-dependent patients estimate hemoglobin levels.

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Case Files Genetic vascular anomaly

Genetic vascular anomaly

A young Caucasian woman presented with complaints of years regarding pain in her feet but did not know the cause.

Clinical Pearls Successful addiction recovery

Successful addiction recovery

Suboxone can curb drug addiction if it is used correctly.

Clinical Pearls Yeast infections in skinfolds

Yeast infections in skinfolds

Preventing yeast infections in skinfolds by using hand sanitizer.


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