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Insufficient evidence for medical marijuana

Although small studies show potential efficacy of medical marijuana in treatment of specific conditions, insufficient evidence exists for clinicians to recommend or prescribe to patients.

Clinical officers in Uganda

In Uganda, clinical officers are addressing public health needs by training to work in rural areas and treating the country's growing population.

2016 Salary Survey

Complete The Clinical Advisor's 2016 NP/PA salary survey and be entered for a chance to win $50!

Undisclosed condition 
leads to death

A patient's widow 
asserts that the clinician
 should have checked
 hospital records taken prior to admission.

Managing perceptions of the flu vaccine

By presenting research on the safety and efficacy of the flu vaccine, clinicians can successfully promote vaccination to patients in their care.

Anticoagulant treatment for nonvalvular AF

Multiple considerations come into play when choosing anticoagulant therapy for a patient with atrial fibrillation, a condition that greatly increases the risk for stroke.

Cold and cough 
symptom relief

Safe and effective over-the-counter and herbal treatments are available for patients with viral upper respiratory infections.

The Clinical Advisor Summit

A 3-day conference offering focused sessions in high-demand practice and clinical areas.


The Waiting Room Understanding the Mallampati score

Understanding the Mallampati score

The Mallampati score is a simple, quick test that can be a good predictor of obstructive sleep apnea.

The Waiting Room Impaired provider programs give clinicians a safe place to recover

Impaired provider programs give clinicians a safe place to recover

For clinicians who struggle with substance abuse and other mental health problems, impaired provider programs offer a safe, supportive space where they can recover.

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Clinical Pearls Erythromycin for facial lacerations

Erythromycin for facial lacerations

Erythromycin ointment may be prescribed in place of bacitracin when performing facial laceration repair or sutures.

Case Files Carcinoid appendix

Carcinoid appendix

A patient with a history of a carcionid tumor on their appendix did not return to a physician for follow up.

Your Comments Flu vaccine in pregnant women

Flu vaccine in pregnant women

A clinician expresses concerns about potentially misleading flu vaccination information for pregnant women.


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