Is restless legs syndrome related to tremor?

Is there a known relationship between familial/essential/intentional tremor and restless legs syndrome (RLS)? Based on my research, both have some dopamine-related pathophysiology and may have some genetic origin. What percentage of patients has both conditions (or at least a family history of the other condition [e.g., RLS patient with a family history of tremor, or tremor patient with a family history of RLS]). My patient's father has both tremor and RLS, and my patient seems to have inherited his tremor but presently has no RLS symptoms (although her father's RLS developed later in life).

In a published study comparing this comorbidity (Mov Disord. 2006;21:515-518), researchers found a very high rate of undiagnosed RLS in patients presenting with tremor; 33% of the tremor patients also had RLS. It would seem that patients presenting with essential tremor should be screened for RLS and vice versa.
—Sherril Sego, MSN, FNP

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