Multiple flu vaccinations may prevent death, serious infection

Multiple flu vaccinations may prevent death, serious infection

Intensive care and death were greatly prevented in patients who were annually vaccinated.

Flu vaccine safe for individuals with egg allergy

Inactivated and live attenuated flu vaccines can be safely administered to people with egg allergies.

Children are exposed to more allergens in daycare than at home

Day-care centers have more allergens from pets and mites than in homes.


The flu shot remains a vital healthcare tool

Even if the flu shot "misses," as it did last year, it remains one of the best tools we have to help our patients live healthier lives.

Communicating vaccine safety to parents

Clinicians should inform parents about the safety of vaccines to encourage them to vaccinate their children.

Adolescents need HPV shots early

Common reasons that parents give when declining human papillomavirus vaccine for their children are, "My teen is not sexually active," or "Maybe we'll wait until he/she is a bit older." This thinking negates the vaccine's preventive purpose.


Outdated vaccine protocol

Outdated vaccine protocol

A child deals with the consequences of a lesser vaccine, because a medical practice did not update its immunization policies.

Stat consult: Allergic rhinits

Stat consult: Allergic rhinits

Allergic rhinitis is the twelfth most common diagnosis made at family physician visits.


Nonallergic rhinitis: What clinicians should know

Nonallergic rhinitis: What clinicians should know

Clinicians must maintain a high degree of suspicion for nonallergic rhinitis to ensure a proper diagnosis and should not rule ...

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