Featured Derm Dx

Derm Dx: Pink plaques and crusting ulcerations

A 53-year-old woman with a history of hypertension, alcohol abuse, and amphetamine dependence presents with painful wounds on the bilateral antecubital fossa.

Derm Dx: A blue-black nodule on the hand

A 33-year-old Malaysian woman requests removal of a blue–black growth on her right hand. The lesion has been present for several years and is asymptomatic but unsightly.

Derm Dx: Sudden onset of itchy, reddened macules

A 42-year-old woman presents with a sudden onset of itchy, reddened macules on her trunk. Stroking her skin induces localized erythema and edema.

Derm Dx: Flesh-colored lesions on an infant

A mother brings in her 13-day-old baby for evaluation of facial lesions. Noted on examination are flesh-colored lesions located in front of both ears.

Derm Dx: Hair loss in a 15-year-old female

A Hispanic woman brings her 15-year-old daughter for evaluation of hair loss at the front of her scalp. Diffuse thinning of the frontal and temporal regions is noted.

Derm Dx: An asymptomatic eruption on the legs and trunk

A 76-year-old man is referred for evaluation of an asymptomatic eruption that began on his legs about 2 weeks ago and is now spreading to his trunk.

Derm Dx: A rash after a streptococcal throat infection

A 16-year-old female presents with dermatitis that appeared suddenly after a streptococcal throat infection 10 days earlier. She is otherwise in good health and takes no oral medications.

Derm Dx: Scaling dermatitis on the scalp and face

A 7-month-old Hispanic female child presents for evaluation of a scaling dermatitis of several weeks in duration affecting her scalp and face.

Derm Dx: A growing lesion first observed in early childhood

An 18-year-old Caucasian male presents for evaluation of a growth on his leg that he first noted in early childhood. During the past several years, the lesion has increased in size and has darkened in color.

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