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NP and PA Scope of Practice Vary Greatly in US Emergency Departments

NP and PA Scope of Practice Vary Greatly in US Emergency Departments

Stark differences exist in EDs across the United States with regard to scope of practice, expectations, team dynamics, and training requirements for PAs and NPs.

Early Hospital Readmissions More Preventable Than Late Readmissions

Can the length of time after hospital discharge influence readmission preventability among general medicine patients?

Many avoidable emergency department visits include mental health and dental conditions

A significant number of avoidable visits to the emergency department are related to mental health and dental conditions.


The House's healthcare bill: Trumpcare or "Chumpcare"?

Public opinion polls support the views of professional organizations, with 60% of Americans opposing the new American Health Care Act, 31% supporting it, and 9% undecided.

Tips for adjusting to the night shift

Working through the night and sleeping during the day can be a difficult adjustment.

Clinical Feature

Undisclosed condition 
leads to death

Undisclosed condition 
leads to death

A patient's widow 
asserts that the clinician
 should have checked
 hospital records taken prior to admission.

Stopping prescription drug abuse

Stopping prescription drug abuse

Emergency providers need to make every effort to be responsible prescribers.

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