FDA approves adjuvant flu vaccine for use in the elderly

The FDA has approved Fluad, a trivalent flu vaccine with the adjuvant MF59, for use in patients aged 65 and older.

Modifiable risk factors for Alzheimer's disease

Research reveals that focus on diet, mental health, and lifestyle may help lower the number of new cases of Alzheimer's disease.

Calcium intake may not affect fracture risk

Two studies found no evidence that calcium intake is associated with fracture risk.

USPSTF aspirin recommendations vary by age group

The USPSTF recommends low-dose aspirin for certain adults aged 50 to 69 years.

Vitamin D in postmenopausal women

Vitamin D did not improve bone and muscle outcomes in postmenopausal women.

Alternative medicine use common among geriatric oncology patients

Over 25% of geriatric oncology patients reported using complementary and alternative medications.

Diabetes is poorly controlled in a majority of elderly people

The majority of older adults with diabetes do not meet the ADA's criteria for good management of their condition.

Nursing home residents should receive annual flu vaccine

A new study provides evidence that yearly influenza vaccination benefited residents of nursing homes.

One-quarter of elderly women have osteoporosis, per CDC

The CDC found that 24.8% of women and 5.6% of men aged 65 years and older had osteoporosis.

Cholinesterase inhibitors may lead to weight loss in elderly adults with dementia

Older adults with dementia who took cholinesterase inhibitors had an increased risk of weight loss.

Moderate coffee intake may reduce cognitive impairment

Older adults who consumed a moderate amount of coffee had a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment.

Older adults with healthy lifestyle have lower heart failure risk

Older adults who exercise, drink moderately, don't smoke, and have a healthy weight have a lower risk of heart failure.

Decrease in mortality, hospitalization rates among elderly

Yearly mortality, hospital stays, and inpatient costs have decreased in Medicare patients.

Mediterranean diet and cognition

Adhering to a Mediterranean diet may help fight against cognitive decline in older adults.

Eating less fruits and veggies may increase hip fracture risk

Patients who ate five servings of fruits and vegetables had a lower rate of hip fracture.

Metformin may lower open-angle glaucoma risk

Patients taking the highest amount of metformin had a 25% reduced risk of developing OAG compared with those not taking the medication.

Exercise may help older men live longer

Study links activity in older men to longer lives.

Grip strength may indicate increased heart disease, mortality risk

Every 11-pound drop in grip strength was also associated with a 9% increased risk of stroke and a 7% higher risk of myocardial infarction.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may increase sudden cardiac death risk

The risk was found to be even higher at 5 years after diagnosis

Hyperglycemic crisis episodes up mortality risk in seniors

Independent mortality predictors included older age, male sex, renal disease, stroke, cancer, COPD, and congestive heart failure.

Colorectal cancer screening for seniors often inappropriate

Colorectal cancer screening was higher in 2010 than in 2008 (58.9% versus 53.7%) and correlated with longer life expectancy and younger age.

Stroke patients at higher risk for suicide

During follow-up, 1,217 suicides attempts were reported; 260 were fatal.

Anticoagulant use for atrial fibrillation

Anticoagulants are associated with an increased risk for bleeding, but for most patients, the benefits outweigh the bleeding risk.

Hypertension-related deaths spike in the United States

A spike in hypertension-related death was seen in both genders and was most marked among those aged 45 to 64 years and those aged over 85 years.

Diet soda linked to greater obesity in seniors

The mean interval in waist-circumference change in patients who drank diet soda was triple that compared with patients who did not drink diet soda.

Anticholinergic drugs and

Research findings suggest the link between dementia risk and anticholinergic medications may persist and may not be reversible years after people stop taking these drugs.

Short-term hormone replacement therapy linked to ovarian cancer

Women who used hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for five years were approximately 40% more likely to develop ovarian cancer than were women who had never been on HRT.

Elderly at risk one year post-hospitalization

Within one year of being discharged from the hospital for heart failure, 67.4% of patients enrolled in the study were readmitted to the hospital and 35.8% died.

Abdominal obesity may up hip fracture risk

Particularly in men, the risk of hip fracture was increased considerably with lower body mass index combined with abdominal obesity.

Aspirin resistance linked to increased stroke risk

Patients who are resistant to aspirin may be at risk for larger, more severe strokes.

Duration, not intensity, reduces geriatric coronary heart disease risk

The predicted risk of heart attack or death increased 1% for every 25 to 30 minutes that a patient was sedentary.

Diets high in meat, acid up kidney failure risk in CKD patients

Those who consumed high-acid diets appeared to face triple the risk of kidney failure compared with those who consumed low-acid diets.

Experts call for new name, criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome

IOM committee proposes name change to 'systemic exertion intolerance disease'.

Flu vaccine rates low among nursing home workers

More education is needed to increase influenza vaccination rates among nursing home workers.

Depression: An early sign of dementia?

Depression and other behavioral changes may precede Alzheimer disease and dementia.

Treating older adults with diabetes

Many older adults with diabetes and comorbid medical problems may be over treated.

Does political affiliation affect life span?

When it came to political ideologies, 30% of conservatives and moderates died compared with 25% of liberals.

Selenium, vitamin E supplements do not reduce cataract risk in men

Long-term selenium and vitamin E supplementation did not reduce apparently healthy male patients' risks of developing age-related cataracts.

High fiber intake may lower kidney stone risk in postmenopausal women

There were no significant protective effects noted for fiber, fruit, or vegetable intake on the risk of kidney stone recurrence in women with a history of stones.

High-dose flu vaccine better for seniors in nursing homes

Stronger improvement in the immune response was seen in frail senior patients living in nursing homes who received a high-dose flu vaccine.

Low-dose aspirin risks negate benefits in women

Although women who took low-dose aspirin saw a small reduction of CVD and colorectal cancer risk, the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding increased.

Running may lower Alzheimer-related mortality risk

Patients who ran more than 15.3 miles per week had a 40% reduced risk of dying from Alzheimer disease.

Patients may be dismissing cancer symptoms

More than 50% of survey respondents reported cancer warning signs, but only 2% considered cancer as a possible cause.

Blood pressure of 150 adequate for older adults

Maintaining systolic blood pressure at less than 150 mmHG is adequate for preventing hypertension in older adults.

Jogging effective for combating physical decline in seniors

Senior patients who jogged at least 30 minutes three times a week were less likely to have age-related physical decline.

Many seniors qualify for statin treatment under new guidelines

Statin therapy for patients with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or high cholesterol levels is recommended.

Mentally challenging jobs preserve cognitive skills in later life

Patients who had mentally stimulating jobs appeared to retain sharper thinking even years after retirement.

Screening increases COPD, heart failure diagnoses

Screening elderly patients for heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can increase detection.

High milk intake associated with increased mortality risk

The risk of any bone fracture increased 16% in women who drank three or more glasses daily, and the risk of a broken hip increased 60%.

Overnight denture wear tied to pneumonia

Perceived swallowing difficulties and overnight denture-wearing were independently associated with an approximately 2.3-fold higher risk of pneumonia.

Americans' life expectancy reaches all-time high

The average life expectancy for Americans was 78.8 in 2012. Women were estimated to live longer than men by 2.5 years.

MRI technique may foresee mental impairment in seniors

Arterial spin labeling scans may predict future mental impairment issues for geriatric patients.

Administer PCV13, PPSV23 to protect against pneumococcal disease

Give the 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine along with the 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine to all patients aged 65 years and older.

Urge all patients to get flu vaccine

Flu-related complications last year caused more than 100 deaths in children and most of whom were not vaccinated.

Dementia patients often prescribed questionable medications

Many nursing home residents incur substantial costs associated with questionable medication prescriptions.

High potassium intake lowers stroke, mortality risk

The association between ischemic stroke risk and potassium intake was strongest in nonhypertensive senior female patients.

B vitamins ineffective in treating cognitive decline

Most aspects of cognitive function declined during the studies evaluated and vitamin B supplementation reduced circulating homocysteine concentrations, as expected.

Asthma mortality rate highest in older women

Risk for osteoporosis, glaucoma, cataracts, and adrenal suppression elevated among women with asthma aged 65 years and older.

Stay alert for malnutrition in older patients

Sixty percent of older patients presenting to emergency department are malnourished or at risk.

High-dose flu shot better for seniors

A high-dose trivalent vaccine demonstrated improved protection for seniors against flu than the standard-dose vaccine.

Routine mammograms still benefit older female patients

Breast cancer survival was better in female patients whose cancer was detected by mammography, with 97% alive five years later.

Alcohol abuse may increase dementia risk

The odds of severe memory impairment more than doubled with a history of alcohol use disorders.

Stroke incidence, mortality declines in senior patients

Incident strokes in the Medicare population aged ≥65 years decreased by approximately 40% over the last two decades.

Post-cardiac-surgery stroke predictors identified

Most patients undergoing cardiac surgery have conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and atrial fibrillation.

Routine NSAID use in females ups cardiovascular risks

Risk up with regular NSAID use, selective cox-2 inhibitor use, agents with cox-2>cox-1 inhibition.

Kidney donation OK for select seniors

The combined outcome of death/cardiovascular disease was not significantly different between donors and nondonors.

Is a blood test that can predict Alzheimer disease on the way?

Researchers have identified 10 proteins in the blood that may be predictors of Alzheimer disease.

Moderate activity fends off major disability

Researchers found that a regular, balanced, and moderate physical activity program reduced the risk of major mobility disability by 18%.

Dental health tied to CHD

More than one-quarter of CHD patients reported bleeding gums during tooth-brushing.

Midlife activity may stave off dementia

Leisure-time physical activity has previously been shown to have a positive impact on health.

Cynical distrust in seniors linked to dementia, mortality

After adjustments, researchers suggest psychosocial and life-style related risk factors may be modifiable targets for intervention.

Deep brain stimulation may improve memory in Alzheimer's patients

A pilot study reports deep brain stimulation targeted at the nucleus basalis of Meynert improved or stabilized memory in Alzheimer's patients.

Elderly population will reach 83.7M by 2050

The number of health care employees will continue to rise as the U.S. senior population increases.

Benzos increase respiratory risks in older COPD patients

Patients new to the medication were at a greater risk for outpatient exacerbations and ER visits for COPD or pneumonia.

Staying fit improves cognitive function later

Increased fitness linked to better verbal memory, faster psychomotor speed 25 years later.

COPD tied to cognitive impairment

Association appears to be a dose-response between COPD duration and risk for mild cognitive impairment.

Multiple-provider opioid Rxs common in Medicare

More than three-quarters of Medicare beneficiaries with four or more providers have concurrent opioid prescriptions, suggesting fragmented care.

Celexa cuts Alzheimer's agitation, but safety questionable

Cognitive and cardiac adverse effects may limit the antidepressant's use for this purpose.

New tests to detect early Alzheimer disease

Two new cognitive screening assessment tools appear to be useful additions to the arsenal of Alzheimer testing.

Estradiol, diabetes up dementia risk in women

Women with both diabetes and elevated estradiol levels were 14 times more likely to develop new-onset dementia.

DDT exposure linked to Alzheimer risk

Exposure to the banned pesticide DDT may play a role in the development of Alzheimer disease.

No benefit with Alzheimer drugs in phase 3 trials

No improvement in cognition in four randomized trials involving bapineuzumab and solanezumab.

CVD linked to cognitive decline in older women

Highest risks for myocardial infarction, other vascular disease. No link for a-fib, heart failure.

Diabetes duration impacts outcomes at any age

Type 2 diabetes morbidity and mortality are associated with disease duration and advancing age.

Two tools predict geriatric cancer outcomes

G8 and fTRST are two simple tools to identify risk profiles for functional decline, survival in geriatric cancer patients.

USPSTF: Evidence insufficient for routine dementia screening

Despite lack of evidence on benefits of routine screening, clinicians should remain alert to early signs or symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Triple therapy safe for elderly with chronic HCV

Telaprevir-based triple therapy is safe and effective in elderly patients with genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Antihypertensives lower Alzheimer's risk

For older adults with mild cognitive impairment, only diuretics linked to lower risk.

AD lowers risk of cancer in older people

Older persons with AD have a reduced risk for developing cancer.

Psych med use in nursing homes down

At least eleven states have already met or exceeded the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care goal of reducing antipsychotic use by 15%.

Famous faces test IDs young-onset dementia

A simple test called the Northwestern University Famous Faces (NUFFACE) Test may aid in diagnosing primary progressive aphasia.

Restless legs syndrome linked to higher mortality in men

Study shows a significant correlation between men with restless legs syndrome and mortality.

Short post-meal walks help seniors curb glucose spikes

For older people, 15-minute bouts of moderately strenous walking in the morning and after meals improves 24-hour glycemic control.

Planning ahead for heat combats excess mortality

Targeting vulnerable populations like the elderly and those living alone could result in fewer casualties during heat waves.

Stroke costs expected to double by 2030

Higher stroke prevalence in an aging population brings total projected stroke costs to $240.67 billion by 2030.

Clinical tool calculates medical risks for seniors

A simple checklist can help primary-care providers evaluate the health risks that influence the longevity of older adults.

U.S. dementia costs to surpass $200 billion annually

In 2010, dementia-associated costs ranged from $159 billion to $215 billion, and are projected to increase 80% per adult by 2040.

Imaging guidelines issued for Alzheimer disease

Alzheimer's Association issues first guidelines for PET scanning in Alzheimer disease diagnosis.

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