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HIV care outcomes low for Hispanics and Latinos

HIV care outcomes low for Hispanics and Latinos

Infection was diagnosed at an early stage for fewer males with infection attributed to heterosexual contact vs male-to-male sexual contact.

No evidence that the influenza vaccine causes VTE

In the 1 to 10 days after flu vaccine administration, there was no increased risk for VTE.

Positive mood associated with enhanced responses to influenza vaccination

Greater positive mood significantly predicted greater antibody responses to the influenza vaccination.


The flu vaccine's influence on public health

Improving influenza vaccination rates will require a much greater commitment to preventative public health to change public perception of the importance and efficacy of flu vaccination.

Treatment for cutaneous abscesses

Antibiotics do not always need to be used for cutaneous abscesses, but the condition must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to make a final decision regarding the appropriate course of treatment for any individual.

The origin of AIDS and debating the Patient Zero theory

There is evidence that HIV might have spread from its origins in the US to the rest of the world.

Clinical Features

Diagnosis of hospital-acquired pneumonia still a challenge

Diagnosis of hospital-acquired pneumonia still a challenge

Clinicians must rely on the combination of clinical examination, signs and symptoms, microbiologic testing, and radiographic findings to diagnose hospital-acquired pneumonia.

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease in adults

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease in adults

The disease may often go undiagnosed in adults because clinicians may be relatively inexperienced in identifying childhood illnesses in adults.

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