April 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor

April 2016 Issue of Clinical Advisor


Comparing COPD outcomes for patients treated by NPs/PAs versus physicians

Some variance is observed in outcomes for patients with COPD who are treated by NPs or PAs versus those treated by physicians.

Managing diabetes in primary care: 2016 recommendations from ADA

The ADA has published the 2016 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes that outline the best practices for diabetes care and management.

CDC releases guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic pain in primary care

The CDC's new guideline regarding opioid therapy for chronic pain focuses on balancing potential benefits and harms to the patient.

Greater gluten intake before age 2 may increase risk of celiac disease

High gluten intake during the first 2 years of life was associated with an increased risk of celiac disease during childhood.

Testosterone treatment beneficial in older men

Men 65 years of age and older who received 1 year of testosterone therapy reported better mood and fewer depressive symptoms.

Definitions for sepsis, septic shock issued

Sepsis should be defined as life-threatening organ dysfunction as a response to infection.

Predictors of mortality and diabetes risk

High body fat percentage and low BMI are associated with increased mortality in women and men.

Advisor Forum

A need for early autism screening

Earlier interventions lead to better outcomes in autism.

Cannabidiol as medicine

Could cannabidiol (CBD) be an acceptable use of medical marijuana?

Timing of meningococcal vaccine

Timing of a recent administration of the meningococcal vaccination cannot be ignored.

Non-narcotic analgesics for musculoskeletal pain

Which non-narcotic analgesics are best for treating musculoskeletal pain?

Clinical Feature

Medical nutrition
 therapy in diabetes

Developing personalized nutrition goals with a registered dietitian
can be effective in managing non-insulin-dependent diabetes.

Alternative Meds Update

Chromotherapy as treatment for medical conditions

Chromotherapy focuses on rebalancing patients' chakras.

Legal Advisor

Collaborative practice agreements

Duty of care owed to a nurse practitioner's patient by a collaborative practice partner comes into question.

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