January 2017 Issue of Clinical Advisor

January 2017 Issue of Clinical Advisor


USPSTF releases final statin recommendations for CVD prevention

The task force finalizes recommendations for statin therapy among adults between 40 and 75 years of age.

Statin and PCSK9 inhibitor combination more effective at lowering cholesterol

PCSK9 inhibition produces incremental benefits on coronary disease progression in patients treated with statins.

Calculator predicts success of live birth after in vitro fertilization

The findings may help couples plan infertility treatments more effectively.

Managing peripheral artery disease: an updated guideline

The AHA/ACC guideline updates the 2005 recommendations on PAD management.

AAP recommendations for behavioral and emotional problems in young children

Most young children with an emotional, behavioral, or relationship problem receive no interventions for their disorder.

Restless legs syndrome: a new practice guideline

Evidence shows strong support for prescribing pramipexole, rotigotine, cabergoline, or gabapentin enacarbil to treat adults with restless legs syndrome symptoms.

Advisor Forum

Treating premenopausal women with fibroids and dysmenorrhea

The standard treatment option for premenopausal women who do not wish to get pregnant is hysterectomy.

Are prostate biopsies linked to the spread of cancerous cells?

Cases of prostate biopsies resulting in the spread of cancerous cells are rare.

Converting pounds to kilograms

Converting pounds to kilograms in your head is easier than you think.

Tip for treating minor lacerations

Treating lacerations properly requires benzoin, Steri-Strips, and a Dermabond to cover.

An enlarging mass on the calf

Doppler imaging resulted in a solid mass with suggestion of increased vascularity.

A case of acute severe emphysematous pancreatitis

A diabetic patient rushed to the hospital for vomiting and abdomen pain, resulting in a diagnosis of acute severe emphysematous pancreatitis.

Cover Feature

Palliative care: a guide for clinicians

By initiating a conversation, primary care providers can identify specific end-of-life needs and goals, manage symptoms, and coordinate care.

Clinical Feature

Raynaud phenomenon: a cold-weather condition

A thorough work-up can differentiate between primary and secondary forms, mitigating progression of a more severe underlying disease.

Clinical Challenge

Vision changes after bariatric surgery

A patient notes concerns with vision difficulty 4 years after undergoing a laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal switch.

Alternative Meds Update

Kratom: The new alternative to opioids

Kratom's legal future is uncertain, pending further review from the DEA and FDA.

Legal Advisor

A case of misdiagnosed meningitis

A student's headaches, lethargy, vomiting, and photophobia are misdiagnosed as migraine.

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