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FDA approves Adzenys ER for ADHD treatment

FDA approves Adzenys ER for ADHD treatment

The FDA has approved Adzenys ER extended-release oral suspension ADHD treatment for patients 6 years and older.

Suicide attempt risk not associated with ADHD treatment

There does not appear to be an association between methylphenidate hydrochloride treatment for ADHD and suicide attempts.

FDA to review novel investigational treatment for ADHD

Sunovion has submitted a New Drug Application for dasotraline, a new treatment for ADHD.


When patients need services that don't exist

It can be difficult to care for complex patients when they need services that do not exist.

Sleep disturbances after traumatic brain injury

A traumatic brain injury can change physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning, which can include changes in the patient's sleeping patterns.

Managing headaches in patients with sleep disorders

Some well-known sleep disorders are associated with headaches, including sleep apnea and parasomnias.

Clinical Feature

Case Study: A subdural hematoma after a fall

Case Study: A subdural hematoma after a fall

A 65-year-old Hispanic man presents to the emergency department via EMS after an unwitnessed fall from a presumed standing height.

Necrotizing myopathy: muscle weakness

Necrotizing myopathy: muscle weakness

Clinicians in all settings are in a position to identify patients with potential myopathic processes and complete an initial diagnostic work-up.

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