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Steroid treatment effective for carpal tunnel syndrome

Steroid treatment effective for carpal tunnel syndrome

The researchers found that four weeks after treatment there was significant improvement in Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire scores.

New biochemical bone assessment predicts fracture risk in children

The FSI proved to be at least as effective in predicting fracture risk in children as femoral and total body BMD.

Long-term type 1 diabetes not associated with hand osteoarthritis

However, long-term type 1 diabetes is associated with hand pain, disability, and stiffness.


Treating patients with a fracture: Engage an expert

It is essential for healthcare professionals to collaborate with other experts from all specialty areas.

Bringing patients peace of mind through therapeutic x-rays

The more I work, the more I realize how much of medicine is treating both a person's mind and body.

Combating patient noncompliance with DVT prophylaxis

Successful DVT prophylaxis with pharmacologic agents and adjunctive treatment modalities depends on both consistency and accuracy.

Clinical Features

Thoracic outlet syndrome: A review

Thoracic outlet syndrome: A review

The condition has one fundamental pathophysiology but multiple distinct clinical presentations, including venous and neurogenic.

Undiagnosed cellulitis

Undiagnosed cellulitis

A patient is asked to follow up for care but does not, and severe cellulitis develop

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