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Noninvasive treatment for low back pain: a new clinical guideline from ACP

Noninvasive treatment for low back pain: a new clinical guideline from ACP

The ACP has released 3 recommendations for the treatment of patients with acute, subacute, and chronic low back pain.

Intravenous lidocaine safe for reducing pain in ICU patients

Intravenous lidocaine is safe for reducing pain in patients in the ICU with varying degrees of organ dysfunction.

Psychiatric, behavioral conditions linked to future long-term opioid use

Patients diagnosed with a prior psychiatric condition have increased odds of long-term opioid receipt than patients without these conditions.

Crizanlizumab reduces sickle cell-related pain

Treatment with high-dose crizanlizumab resulted in an annual rate of sickle cell-related pain crises that was 45.3% lower compared with placebo.

Shared decision making boosts patients' knowledge of acute coronary syndrome risk

The use of a decision aid in patients at risk of acute coronary syndrome increased patient knowledge about their risk.


Lidocaine patches as an alternative pain solution

Lidocaine patches may be effective for patients who are in pain but are looking to avoid drugs that could be addictive.

Collaborating on interventional pain management in primary care

Interventional pain specialists can work together with primary care providers to provide the best care for patients managing chronic pain.

As opioid prescription rates decrease, overdose deaths remain the same: Is this progress?

A national push to decrease opioid prescription rates has not led to a net decrease in overdose deaths. Has progress been made?

Clinical Features

Chest pain in a woman

Chest pain in a woman

A woman has a myocardial infarction after her chest symptoms are misdiagnosed as acid reflux.

Genetic vascular anomaly

Genetic vascular anomaly

A young Caucasian woman presented with complaints of years regarding pain in her feet but did not know the cause.

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