2014 Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant Salary Survey

  • The average salary among all NPs earning between $20,001 and $149,999/year is $94,881.22 and the average salary among all PAs earning between $20,001and $149,999 per year is $100,497.78.

  • By far, the most NP respondents identified themselves as family medicine practitioners (24.0%). Many PAs (18.5%) also reported they were family medicine practitioners.

  • NPs and PAs reported different percentages in their area of practice following family medicine.

  • Salaries varied by about $10,000 between those with fewer than five years of experience and those with 20 years.

  • Of PAs surveyed that do not make at least $150,000/year, 35 have been practicing for 11-15 years, and 34 have been practicing more than 20 years.

  • The highest salaries for NPs and PAs can be found in the West.

  • The variation in salary among PAs across geographic regions is minimal.

  • Although our clinician respondents practice in more than 20 types of settings, the same five venues are featured in NP breakdowns for highest average salary based on survey response rate.

  • For both groups of providers, hospital practice delivers the highest salaries.

  • The majority of respondents who described their work environment to us worked in an urban location, but overall, salary discrepancies across urban, suburban, and rural lines amounted to less than $4,500 for NPs.

  • Salary discrepancies across urban, suburban, and rural lines amounted to less than $6,000 for PAs.

  • About half of 3,549 NPs reported making more money in this survey period than they did last year.

  • About half 1,208 PA respondents reported making more money than they did last year.

  • NPs expect the pattern to continue next year.

  • More than half of PAs expect to earn more money next year.

  • Nearly all NP respondents to the salary survey who identified their gender and who earn $20,001 to $149,999 per year are women (3,182, or 92.2%, compared with 270 men, or 7.8% of respondents). The men in this salary range earn more money, at $102,759 per year compared with $94,196 for women.

  • The average salary for female PAs earning $20,001 to $149,999 per year is $96,585, with their male counterparts bringing down substantially more: $108,228.

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Overall 3,635 nurse practitioners and 1,232 physician assistants responded to The Clinical Advisor 2014 Salary Survey in March and April 2014.

So how does your salary compare to that of your peers? The average salary among all nurse practitioners (NPs) earning between $20,001 and $149,999 per year is $94,881.22

The average salary among all physician assistants (PAs) earning between $20,001and $149,999 per year is $100,497.78.

In order to create an industry snapshot, we asked our readers to indicate their current annual salaries, including base pay plus any bonuses, in increments of $5,000 (inclusive). In other words, a person making $72,500 would fall into the “$71,000-$75,000” category.

Salaries for all respondents in that group were then converted to the midpoint of $73,000. A person checking off the “$36,000 to $40,000” box was considered to make $38,000 per year, and so forth.

At the lowest and highest salary ranges, however, we offered two much broader choices: “$20,000 or less” and “$150,000 or more” (with approximately 3% of NPs and approximately 9% of PAs falling into the latter category).

Because we could not assign an accurate average value to either of those response ranges, and because the vast majority of our participants—approximately 90% of each group—brings home an annual salary of $20,001 to $149,999 per year, we often isolated responses from participants who fell into the very high and very low categories, as you will see when you read through our report.

Not every participant answered every question. We have indicated total number of respondents for each area addressed.

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