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Is there any risk of myocardial rupture during healing (necrotizing phase, 5-10 days) after ST-elevated MI (STEMI) or non-STEMI? Does outcome of MI affect the risk of myocardial rupture?
—Simona Leszinsky, PA-C, Oak Park, Mich.

You can still see myocardial rupture five days or more after MI. However, the peak incidence occurs during days five to seven. Early reperfusion therapy, whether pharmacologic or mechanical, decreases the incidence of this devastating complication. The use of thrombolysis can accelerate the onset of myocardial rupture and can be seen within the first 24-48 hours of presentation rather than at days three to five, which was the case in the prethrombolytic era.
—Norma M. Keller, MD (100-10)

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