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Firm brown nodules in an older woman

A 73-year-old African-American woman with a history of polymyositis noted purple papules that evolved into firm brown nodules over the past year. The initial wrist lesion was followed by purple-brown nodules on other areas, including her legs, umbilicus, and most recently her eyelid. Medications included chronic prednisone and IV immunoglobulin (IVIG). She reported no other…

Blisters on the hands of a man with darkened urine

This 45-year-old man with a history of hepatitis C and cirrhosis presented with tense blisters that had been present on the backs of his hands for the past year. Blistering was worse in summer and after sun exposure. Increased hair growth on his face as well as diffuse facial hyperpigmentation and skin thickening were also…

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