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Sheila Jacobs

Sheila Jacobs

Contributing Writer
Sheila Jacobs is the president of STJ Editorial Services. For more than 25 years, Sheila has been providing writing, fact-checking, and editorial services to numerous clients in the medical education, promotional, and managed care arenas, from the conceptual stage through completion of the final editorial product. Her focus has been in a diverse array of therapeutic areas.

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Are E-Cigarettes More Effective Than NRT for Smoking Cessation?

Refillable e-cigarettes demonstrate greater efficacy for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy when both products are accompanied by behavioral support. A 2-group, multicenter, pragmatic, individually randomized controlled trial was conducted at 3 stop-smoking service sites in the United Kingdom as part of the National Health Service (NHS) between May 2015 and February 2018. Results of…

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