Celebrate the 20th Anniversary
of The Clinical Advisor

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Clinical Advisor

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CA 20th Anniversary News

Preprofessional Program After High School Beneficial for PA Students

Students who enter a preprofessional program directly after high school may be successful in PA school with structure, guidance, and mentorship.

Do Clinicians Practice What They Preach to Patients?

There are inconsistencies between patient education and healthcare provider practices, which vary in each health maintenance factor.

AAPA Launches Primary Care Obesity Management Certificate Program

The new program, announced by AAPA, will allow its participants to obtain 30 CME credits and an OMA-issued Certificate of Primary-Care Obesity Management after completion.

Geriatric Workforce Shortage Creates Opportunities for PAs

The geriatric workforce shortage may provide PAs with opportunities to engage themselves in the specialty.

Increased Collaboration, Shared Decision Making Beneficial for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Patients with T2DM adhere better to self-management behaviors and may experience greater treatment satisfaction if they have increased collaboration and shared decision making with an advanced care provider.

New PA Programs and Their Effect on Established Medical Institutions

Newly developed PA programs may be influenced by current APN programs of the same institution.

AAPA's House of Delegates Votes to Investigate Changing Physician Assistant Title

Members of the AAPA's House of Delegates voted to investigate the feasibility of changing the physician assistant title, as well as collaborate on potential alternatives that better reflect modern PA practice.

Obesity Treatment Education, Training Needed in PA Programs

Recognizing the obesity epidemic and educating physician assistants on the implications of this condition and how they should be caring for obese patients should be prioritized, according to the study authors.

PAs Improving in Providing Dental Health Care

Educating certified PAs to incorporate oral health as an important addition to health care can help bring quality care to more patients with dental needs.

Optimal Team Practice: A Survey of Physician Opinions

In 2017, the AMA declared its opposition to autonomous PA regulatory boards and PA practice without physician supervision, but physicians' opinions on OTP policy have been largely unknown.

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