Celebrate the 20th Anniversary
of The Clinical Advisor

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of The Clinical Advisor

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CA 20th Anniversary News

Gender Wage Gap Facts: What the 2018 Salary Survey Reveals

Is the gender wage gap among NPs and PAs shrinking? We analyzed the results of the past 5 salary surveys to find out.

Raising Awareness of Pseudobulbar Affect: Knowing the Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Patients With Uncontrollable Laughing or Crying

Pseudobulbar affect is a significant national health issue in the United States, with approximately 2 million individuals affected.

Fasting Insulin vs Hemoglobin A1c: Are We Getting It Right?

The early diagnosis and management of prediabetes will have a significant impact on patient outcomes and healthcare spending.

Clinical Practice: Then and Now

In tandem with our 20th anniversary, we at Clinical Advisor recognize the advances that have occurred in clinical practice over the past few decades and share the perspectives of members of our audience.

20 Years: The Evolution of the Physician Assistant Profession

The demand for PAs, along with the escalating number of PA applicants, has helped fuel the growth.

Nurse Practitioner Profession: 20 Years of Change

Changes in the NP profession over the past 20 years include the growth of the profession, methods of practice, and the types of patients and conditions treated.

Progress Report in Cancer Control: How Are We Doing?

An analysis of population data on cancer incidence, survival, and mortality revealed that early interventions and improvements to treatments contributed to a 26% decline in cancer deaths from 1991 to 2015.

2001 to 2015 Saw Decline in Self-Employment in Health Care

Gap in earnings between self-employed and employed health care professionals also decreased.

Chagas Disease in the United States: A Growing Public Health Concern

The United States has the seventh highest prevalence of Chagas infection in the Western hemisphere, with most cases seen among immigrants from Latin America.

Internet "Challenges" and Teenagers: a Guide for Primary Care Providers

Discussions involving Internet challenges with children and adolescents should be as sensitive as those about sexuality and drug or alcohol use.

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