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1.2-cm brown oval atrophic plaque with a violaceous border on the nose with two more plaques on the right medial cheek.

Atrophic facial plaques and palatal erosions

Clinical description A black woman, aged 31 years, developed multiple asymptomatic plaques on the central face over the course of one year. There was no improvement with application of vitamin E or cocoa butter. Although the patient had a history of smoking six to 10 cigarettes per day, she was presently abstaining because she was…

Derm Dx: Widespread umbilicated vesicles

Clinical DescriptionA widespread rash that begins as clusters of umbilicated vesicles and spreads over a period of seven to 10 days, sometimes accompanied by fever, malaise and lymphadenopathy. Submit your answer and read the full explanation below. If you like this activity or have a suggestion, tell us about it in the comment box at…

Derm Dx: Crops of small, red, itchy spots

Clinical DescriptionA rash that often appears in crops that consist of small, red, itchy spots. These become fluid-filled blisters about 5- to 10-mm in diameter within a few hours and scab over the course of a few days. The blisters can occur wherever there is skin, including the mouth, throat, and vagina. Other symptoms include…

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