Diabetes Opinion Archive

A differing opinion on the ACP's new diabetes treatment guidelines

Pharmacotherapy and combination therapy may be a better alternative to the ACP's diabetes treatment guidelines.

A case of acute severe emphysematous pancreatitis

A diabetic patient rushed to the hospital for vomiting and abdomen pain, resulting in a diagnosis of acute severe emphysematous pancreatitis.

Shortened sleep increases risk of diabetes

Lack of sleep may be one reason for the increase in diabetes in the United States.

Increased mortality rates in patients with nocturia

Patients who experience nocturia, or frequent urination during the night, may have increased mortality rates.

Basal insulin for surgical diabetic patients

Basal insulin, with or without nutritional correction, is the best approach to manage blood glucose in noncritically ill surgical patients.

Grains' role in heart health

As fads come and go, researchers have consistently observed the critical role whole grains play in the prevention of heart disease.

Tips to help patients manage their health during the holidays

These tips can help patients manage conditions such as hypertension and diabetes during the holidays.

Debunking diabetes nutrition, carbohydrate myths

The Grain Foods Foundation explores popular carbohydrate-related myths and assumptions patients with diabetes have likely encountered.

Treating diabetes remains difficult despite progress

Diabetes treatments have come a long way, but continual efforts are needed to make the disease easier to manage and more affordable.

Counsel patients about sleep debt's role in diabetes

Chronic sleep deprivation lowers the resting metabolic rate, which can lead to a defect in insulin resistance, and may explain one reason why diabetes prevalence is increasing.

When managing diabetes, consider lifestyle changes before surgery

Bariatric surgery for diabetes management offers a quick fix, but does not address the underlying behaviors that cause the disease in the first place.

Explaining kidney function to prevent CKD

Patients often have trouble understanding health outcomes they cannot see. It is our job as health-care providers to help patients understand their bodies in efforts to improve treatment compliance for chronic conditions.

Improving foot exam compliance among patients with diabetes

A simple strategy helps more patients with diabetes receive annual clinical foot exams, but can it be translated to other aspects of diabetes management?

Encouraging adolescent health with group visits

Group health care visits could improve adolescent health by encouraging commitment to a prevention-based lifestyle and help shift U.S. health care away from a system based on treating diseases, to one that aims at stopping them before they begin.

Gaps in pregnancy diabetes testing

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a serious health condition that occurs in 4% to 12% of pregnancies, but recent research showing significant screening gaps for the disease makes the problem an even greater concern.

Obesity, elective cesarean contribute to U.S. maternal mortality rate

Why are U.S. mothers still dying during birth when we spend more on health care than any other country in the world?

Lifestyle change the only 'secret' to weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, many patients seek instant gratification.

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