Multiple sclerosis:

Indications for: AVONEX

Relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), to include clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease.

Adult Dosage:

Pre-medicate with analgesics and/or antipyretics on treatment days to ameliorate flu-like symptoms. Rotate inj sites. ≥18yrs: 30mcg IM once weekly. May titrate dose to reduce severity of flu-like symptoms; dosed once weekly, IM: Week 1: 7.5mcg. Week 2: 15mcg. Week 3: 22.5mcg. Week 4: 30mcg.

Children Dosage:

<18yrs: not established.

AVONEX Warnings/Precautions:

Depression. Suicidal ideation. Pre-existing psychiatric disorders (eg, psychosis). Seizure disorders. Monitor for hepatic injury. Pre-existing CHF: monitor for worsening cardiac function at initiation and during treatment. Risk of thrombotic microangiopathy; discontinue if occurs. Myelosuppression. Monitor CBCs, differential, platelets, blood chemistries, liver and thyroid function. Consider discontinuing if new autoimmune disorder develops. Periodically evaluate patients for aseptic self-injection techniques. Latex allergy. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers.

AVONEX Classification:


AVONEX Interactions:

Risk of hepatic injury with concomitant hepatotoxic drugs or alcohol.

Adverse Reactions:

Flu-like symptoms, asthenia, headache, myalgia, fever, chills, GI upset, depression, blood dyscrasias, seizures, inj site reactions (necrosis, cellulitis, abscess, inflammation, pain); rare: hepatic injury, anaphylaxis (discontinue if occurs).


Register pregnant patients exposed to Avonex by calling (800) 456-2255.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Single-use prefilled syringe, autoinjector (Avonex Pen)—1, 4 (w. supplies)