Labor and delivery:

Indications for CERVIDIL:

Cervical ripening in patients at or near term when there is an indication for labor induction.


See literature.


Not applicable.


Fetal distress where delivery is not imminent. Unexplained vaginal bleeding. Presence or suspicion of cephalopelvic disproportion. Where oxytocics or prolonged uterine contractions are inappropriate, including previous cesarean section, major uterine surgery. Multipara with ≥6 previous term pregnancies. Concomitant oxytocics. Remove insert if uterine hyperstimulation, labor, sustained uterine contractions, or other fetal/maternal adverse reactions occur and prior to amniotomy.


For hospital use when appropriate obstetric care is present. Ruptured membranes. Non-vertex, non-singleton presentation. Previous uterine hypertony. Glaucoma. History of childhood asthma. Monitor uterine activity, fetal status, cervical dilatation/effacement. Pregnancy (Cat.C).


Potentiates oxytocics; delay administration of oxytocics at least 30 minutes after removal of insert.

Adverse Reactions:

Uterine hyperstimulation, fetal distress.

How Supplied: