Ear infections (topicals):

Indications for: CIPRO HC OTIC

Acute otitis externa.

Adults and Children:

To minimize dizziness, warm susp by holding bottle in hand for 1–2 minutes before use. <1yr: not recommended. ≥1yr: 3 drops in affected ear(s) twice daily for 7 days.

CIPRO HC OTIC Contraindications:

Perforated tympanic membrane. Viral otic infections (eg, varicella, herpes simplex).

CIPRO HC OTIC Warnings/Precautions:

Discontinue at 1st sign of a skin rash or any other hypersensitivity reactions occur. Reevaluate if no improvement after 1 week. Latex allergy. Pregnancy. Nursing mothers: not recommended.

CIPRO HC OTIC Classification:

Antibiotic (quinolone) + steroid.

Adverse Reactions:

Headache, pruritus.

How Supplied:

Susp—10mL (w. dropper)