Periodontal disease:

Indications for: PERIDEX ORAL RINSE


Adult Dosage:

≥18yrs: Start after dental prophylaxis. Rinse with 15mL (undiluted) twice daily (AM & PM) for 30 seconds after brushing teeth; expectorate. Do not rinse with water or other mouthwashes, brush teeth, or eat immediately after use.

Children Dosage:

<18yrs: not recommended.

PERIDEX ORAL RINSE Warnings/Precautions:

Do dental prophylaxis (calculus removal) before starting, then every 6 months. Coexisting gingivitis and periodontitis (effect on periodontitis not known, may cause increased supra- or subgingival calculus). May stain rough surfaces or margins of anterior facial restorations. Pregnancy (Category B). Nursing mothers.

PERIDEX ORAL RINSE Classification:


Adverse Reactions:

Staining of teeth and other oral surfaces, increase in calculus formation, taste alteration, irritation or changes to oral mucosa (eg, stomatitis, dry mouth, ulceration).

Drug Elimination:

Fecal (~90%).

How Supplied:

Rinse—4oz, 16oz