A mother and father brought in their 12-year-old son with a complaint of a tender mass on his left thigh. They denied trauma and said that he just noticed it when it started hurting. Imaging and biopsy confirmed an osteosarcoma.

Osteosarcoma, the 8th-most common pediatric cancer, is a malignant process that occurs most commonly in children and tends to focus in areas of active bone growth, especially near the knee. Treatment is aggressive due to the high potential for metastasis. This young man underwent initial chemotherapy, followed by resection of the femur with prosthetic rod implantation. He then underwent another round of chemotherapy.

At his 1-year follow-up, scans showed a lesion in the apex of his left lung, which was resected, and followed by experimental oral chemotherapy. At the time of this writing, a second lung lesion has been detected, and his family and treatment team are considering their diminishing options.

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