A mass located above the left groin of an 85-year-old woman was found to be a subcutaneous abscess. The mass was originally present 4 years ago as a small, soft, freely mobile mass consistent with lipoma. She reported that 5 days earlier, she had tenderness and slight redness to the area. Over the next 5 days, the mass grew in size, with a significant amount of erythema and swelling extending over the pubic area. On day 5, a small amount of bleeding was noted. Ultrasound revealed a mass located in the left inguinal region in the subcutaneous soft tissue directly subjacent to the skin with lobulated margins and horizontal orientation measuring 2.6 × 1.8 × 2.3 cm in size, representing a subcutaneous abscess. The abscess was treated by incision and drainage with resolution; no antibiotic was needed.

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