Can too much fish oil lead to GERD?

Is there any indication that taking too much fish oil — particularly green-lipped mussel oil — can cause stomach problems in a person with a history of gastroesophageal reflux disease? — Bob Stukenberg, LHNA, Irvine, Calif.

As potent anti-inflammatory agents, omega-3 fatty acids are vital to health and well-being. They balance out the typical American diet, which is full of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. There is not sufficient evidence to argue green-lipped mussel oil’s superiority over other less expensive sources.

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All fish oils are known to have significant GI side effects of dyspepsia and fishy burps. Some brands are more tolerable than others, and it can help to keep the capsules in the freezer or to consume them after a meal. Excellent studies have been done on prescription fish oil (Lovaza), which provides consistent dosing and is the only version officially recommended by the American Heart Association to reduce the risk of second heart attack. — Rebecca H. Bryan, APRN, CNP (157-8)

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