Are there any studies that confirm effective calcium absorption when the patient is taking long-term proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) along with oral calcium? These patients should be on calcium citrate — not calcium carbonate — but my supervisor says there are no data to support this. — Jo Killenbeck, APRN, Billings, Mont.

The results of a recent small study showed impaired absorption of calcium carbonate but normal absorption of calcium citrate in achlor­hydric subjects who were in a fasting state (J Bone Miner Res. 2010;25:2786-2795). In an older study, researchers found that the absorption from calcium carbonate was impaired in achlorhydria under fasting conditions, while absorption from calcium citrate in those with achlorhydria was higher (New Engl J Med. 1985;313: 70-73). — Eileen F. Campbell, MSN, CRNP (160-2)

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