Where is the best place to look up information on vitamins and supplements for children? A number of parents have asked for my approval to administer specific brands to their toddlers, and I am finding inconsistent reports. — Janet Nazario, CPNP, Phoenix

The Nutrition.gov website is the best source of information on vitamins and supplements with specific information on recommended dietary allowance and upper tolerable limits. The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements also has mobile reference that you can bookmark on your smartphone called “My Dietary Supplements” that provides fact sheets on all vitamins and minerals; dosing and safety information can also be accessed online. To assess specific brands of vitamins or supplements, visit www.consumerlab.com. They have tested more than 400 brands, and any problem with contamination or other issues related to content of the products can be found there. — Julee B. Waldrop, DNP (182-7)

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