Case 1

A 65-year-old man with hypertension presents to the dermatology clinic with a 3-day history of a rash on his arms and trunk. The patient reports having a similar rash 1 year ago that started 2 weeks after he had a tender blister on his lip. On examination, the patient has numerous scattered, target-like lesions with central vesicles on his palms, dorsal hands, forearms, back, and chest. The rash does not involve the mucosa, and the patient has no systemic symptoms.  The patient has no food allergies and has no history of any other medical conditions. The rest of the examination is normal.

Can you diagnose the condition in Case 1?

A. Bullous pemphigoid
B. Pemphigus vulgaris
C. Erythema multiforme
D. Primary herpetic gingivostomatitis

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