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A boy aged 3 years presented to the dermatology clinic with a pruritic rash. The boy’s mother stated that the rash had been present for approximately one month. OTC hydrocortisone cream provided no relief of symptoms or resolution of the rash. On clinical examination, erythematous papules, linear papules, and pustules were seen diffusely, with the greatest concentration in the interdigital web spaces, diaper area, axillae, palms, and soles. No other household contacts had a similar rash. No use of new medications or skin-care products was reported.

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A man aged 46 years presented complaining of a rash that had been present for one month. The rash began on his trunk and had spread to the extremities. No treatment was sought before this time because the man believed some of the lesions were resolving. However, he recently noticed that new lesions appear as the others resolve. The man is asymptomatic and has not had any prior treatment. On physical examination, erythematous papules and nodules — some with a hemorrhagic crust — were appreciated on the trunk and proximal extremities.

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