Case #1

A 20-year-old man presents with a 4-year history of a skin condition on his face. He tried an over-the-counter salicylic acid facewash that did not help much. The lesions are sometimes painful and leave hyperpigmentation and scarring. Both of his parents had this skin condition when they were young adults. On physical examination, scattered open and closed comedones are found on his face as well as erythematous papules and pustules distributed on his forehead, cheeks, nose, and beard area along with scattered erythematous and hyperpigmented macules. Other than the comedones and macules, the patient is healthy and takes no medications.

Can you diagnose the condition in Case 1?

  1. Rosacea
  2. Acne vulgaris
  3. Folliculitis
  4. Perioral dermatitis

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