Case 2

A 30-year-old woman presents to the dermatology clinic for evaluation of dark rippled lesions in the interscapular area and upper back. The lesions are pruritic and have persisted for the past 3 years. Physical examination reveals a circular area of slightly hyperpigmented papules on her upper back that is approximately 1- to 3-mm in diameter. She reports no pain, no other medical problems, no family history, and she does not take any medications. Histologic examination with Congo red staining reveals eosinophilic infiltrate in the papillary dermis with apple green birefringence.

Can you diagnose the condition in Case 2?

A. Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation
B. Macular amyloidosis
C. Erythema dischromicum
D. Phototoxic dermatitis

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