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A one-year-old girl presented with a one-month history of a light patch over her right buttock. There was no preceding rash. The lesion had not increased in size and was asymptomatic with no associated pruritus or discomfort. The patient had been otherwise healthy with no medical problems. No similar lesions had been noted elsewhere on the body. Examination revealed a well-circumscribed hypopigmented patch over the right buttock. There was no hyperpigmented border, scaling, or erythema associated with the lesion.


A 13-year-old girl presented with progressive lightening of the skin on her knees, fingers, and ankles. The light areas were asymptomatic, and she had never experienced similar lesions in the past. She reported no heat or cold intolerance, weight change, weakness, fatigue, or other systemic symptoms. The patient’s father also had similar light patches on his hands. On examination, depigmented patches were noted over the patient’s fingers, ankles, and knees with a few islands of normally pigmented skin remaining in the largest patches over the knees.

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