A girl aged 3 months presented with complaints of bilateral blister formation on the dorsum of the hands. Generalized blistering had been present on a few digits at birth. Since that time, new lesions had developed, and prior lesions were now resolving.

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A few dorsal digits were found to have erythematous superficial erosions with a collarette of scale. Some atrophic scarring and milia were seen. The child had no history of fevers or purulent drainage from the lesions. Family history revealed similar blisters in the mother that had never been formally diagnosed.


A male infant aged 2 months presented with blisters located on the right foot, face, and diaper region. The lesions originally appeared two days prior to presentation and began as small blisters, which seemed to enlarge and were easily unroofed. On physical examination, a collarette of scale was noted to surround an area of mild superficial erosion and crust. Similar lesions were seen on the face and in the diaper area. The child was otherwise healthy and had no fever or signs of systemic infection. No family members had similar lesions.

What is the diagnosis?

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