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A woman aged 17 years was concerned about a rash on her nose. She stated that she had always had a little hyperpigmentation and roughness of the skin in that area. Within the past two years, however, the area had thickened, and she became very concerned about the cosmetic appearance.

No previous treatments had been tried, and none of the woman’s family members had similar lesions. On physical examination, pink verrucous papules with minimal scale were located in a linear streak that extended along the right nasal sidewall to the right nasal tip.

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A 3-year-old girl presented with a rash on her right lateral leg. The girl’s mother stated that she first noticed the rash two months ago and suspected it was dry skin. She had been applying an emollient to the area daily and noted that the lesion became larger over time. However, the mother stated that there had been no significant increase in size over the past two weeks. There was no pain or pruritus, and no previous treatments had been attempted. On physical examination, pink papules with minimal scale were noted in a linear pattern on the right lateral thigh.

What is the diagnosis?

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