Seven months ago, a 45-year-old man noticed a new mole on his back. Since that time, it had continued to grow and was occasionally associated with pruritus and bleeding.

No family history of nonmelanoma or melanoma skin cancers was reported. Medical history was significant for six blistering sunburns as a child. He worked outside in construction and did not use daily sun protection.

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On physical exam, a 7-mm brown papule with asymmetry, irregular borders and striking color variation was noted on the lower back.


A 47-year-old man presented to the dermatology clinic with a six-month history of a brown “mole” growing on his posterior neck. The lesion was associated with occasional pruritus.

On physical examination, a 6-mm brown-black stuck-on papule with a greasy appearance was noted on the posterior neck. Medical history was significant for two episodes of blistering sunburns as a child.

He has no personal or family history of nonmelanoma skin cancer or malignant melanoma and uses daily sun protection.

What is the diagnosis?

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