A man aged 36 years with a history of diabetes mellitus presented to the dermatology clinic with a two-month history of a ringed rash on his abdomen. The lesions were not associated with any pain or pruritus. He had tried numerous OTC antifungal treatments with no resolution, and no family members had similar lesions. There was no history of recent travel. No pets were present in the household. On physical examination, erythematous papules coalescing into arciform and annular plaques were noted on the patient’s right lower abdomen. No scale was appreciated, and a KOH examination was negative.

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A man aged 39 years presented to the dermatology clinic with a three-week history of a slowly enlarging, pruritic rash on his left arm. He had never experienced a similar rash and had tried no OTC or prescription treatments. There was no history of recent travel and no mention of household pets. Of note, the patient enjoys wrestling as a hobby. However, he had not noticed any similar lesions on his fellow wrestlers or household members. On physical examination, several erythematous annular plaques with fine scale were noted on the left arm. Few excoriations were associated with the lesions.

What is the diagnosis?

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