A teenaged boy presented with a six-month history of patchy alopecia over his scalp. Four years ago, he had a similar episode of hair loss that resolved spontaneously after a few months. His mother had experienced episodes of patchy hair loss that had resolved spontaneously. Six months earlier, the patient noted clumps of hair loss resulting in three patches of alopecia over his occipital scalp. Two of the patches resolved, but one did not. Physical examination revealed one well-circumscribed circular patch of alopecia on the right occipital scalp.

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A boy aged 7 years presented to the pediatric dermatology clinic with a patch of alopecia over his right temple that had been present since birth. The patient’s mother said that her son was born with minimal hair over his scalp. He developed thicker and more darkly colored hair elsewhere on his scalp, but hair never seemed to grow over this area. The patch of alopecia was not increasing in size, no hair loss was noted, and the area was asymptomatic. The patient had no known medical problems, and there was no family history of alopecia.


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