Case #1

The patient was a 70-year-old obese woman with diabetes. Admitted to the hospital for chest pain, she was found to have long-standing erythematous erosions in her abdominal pannus, under her breast, and in her groin. These areas were not macerated or scaly. She complained of discomfort but no itching or burning. A KOH preparation was negative. It was unclear what treatments had been used earlier.

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Case #2

A 60-year-old man with previously diagnosed psoriasis presented with maceration throughout his groin and intragluteal cleft affecting an area of many centimeters. The area did not itch, burn, or sting. The patient had no systemic or constitutional symptoms. He did not smoke, drink, or use IV drugs. There were no psoriatic plaques on his body. A KOH preparation did not reveal hyphae or pseudohyphae.