The patient was a 30-year-old Hispanic hospital worker who had a white forelock. When queried about his general health, he noted no problems. His vision and hearing were normal. No other white macules were seen on his body during physical examination. The patient reported that his mother had a similar patch of white hair and was also in good health. A bright white light from a Wood’s lamp focused on the area of his white forelock revealed that the skin was depigmented.

A 65-year-old Hispanic woman presented with melasma and gray hair. Her scalp, which was similar in color to the rest of her skin, did not itch, burn, or hurt. There was no scale or erythema. The woman denied any recent illness, dieting, or medication use. She reported no history of illness, including cancer. Her hair had started turning gray when she was in her 40s and was almost entirely gray by the time she reached her early 60s. Other body hair, including hair in her axillae and groin, was still mostly black.

What is your diagnosis?
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