A white infant aged 4 months presented with a three-month history of a red, verrucous nodule on his scalp. The baby had been born prematurely at 33 weeks’ gestation, weighing 1.2 kg. There was no family history of similar lesions. The lesion had grown rapidly from a small papule to a 3-cm nodule. The lesion was hard to palpation and with no bruit. There was no evidence of any syndromic condition.

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A white man aged 50 years presented for a skin check. About 20 years earlier, he had developed red papules that blanched on his legs, arms, chest, and abdomen. One group of these red papules had grown together to form a plaque on his torso. He took no medications and had no chronic diseases. Examination of the plaque with a stethoscope did not reveal any bruits, and the lesion was not warm to the touch.

What is the diagnosis?

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