Case 2

A 35-year-old black woman with HIV comes into the dermatology clinic with an asymptomatic lesion on her right eye that has been present for about a month. Clinical review of symptoms is otherwise unremarkable. However, insurance issues have prevented her from taking her antiretroviral medications for the past 6 months. On physical examination, the patient has an indurated, nontender, violaceous plaque on her right upper eyelid. Similar lesions are present in her mouth and on her trunk and arms.  A complete blood count shows a CD4 count of 180 cell/mm3 with an HIV viral load of 10,000 copies/mL. A biopsy is taken of a lesion on her chest.

Can you diagnose the condition in Case 2?

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A. Vasculitis
B. Kaposi sarcoma
C. Sarcoidosis
D. Lymphoma cutis

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