A woman presented with a several-month history of yellow, enlarging papules on the areola of the breast. The papules did not itch, burn, or hurt at the time of presentation.

There was no history of any new product use or lesions present on other areas. No sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were reported. The woman was not taking any medications. No follicular-centric quality to the papules was detected. Skin biopsy showed intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies on hematoxylin and eosin staining. 

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A man aged 30 years presented with a complaint of acne. It was observed that the glands of his nipples were notable for protuberant papules that had a red, yellow, and whitish hue. The papules did not itch, burn, or hurt.

The man reported no history of discharge from the nipples. Palpation of the papules was unremarkable. When rubbed, the papule became a little more firm. The patient was not noted to have similar lesions or rosacea on the face. A decision was made to take a biopsy of the lesions. 

What is the diagnosis?

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