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A woman aged 50 years with no significant medical history presented with a yellow plaque on top of her left eyelid. Blood chemistry and lipid tests administered by the woman’s primary-care clinician showed that she was in good health, and she had no systemic complaints. The yellow plaque and papule did not itch, burn or hurt. A biopsy of the plaque revealed foam histiocytes in the dermis. 

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At the same visit, the woman from Case #1 also presented to the dermatology clinic with a yellow papule on her left cheek. A biopsy of the lesion revealed large aggregates of sebaceous glands. No similar lesions on other areas with sebaceous glands (e.g., the chest, breasts, or genitals) were noted. At the end of the visit, the papule was removed with low-voltage electro­-
desiccation and curettage.

What is the diagnosis?

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