An itchy rash on the feet

A 25-year-old man with no remarkable past medical history presents with an itchy rash on the feet. Symptoms began 2 months ago, starting over the dorsal toes with redness, scaling, and itching. The eruption spread over the dorsum of the feet and progressed to weeping and crusting. He reports recently buying new shoes for work…

Fine wrinkles on the neck, chest, axilla, trunk, back, and upper arms

A 55-year-old black man presents for evaluation of fine wrinkles that had developed over the past year. Physical examination reveals diffuse areas offine wrinkling that run parallel to lines of cleavage on his neck, chest, axilla, trunk, back, and upper arms bilaterally. The affected skin has normal pigmentation and lacks erythema, induration, and atrophy. Lateral…

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