Level 1: Likely reliable evidence

Eflornithine 13.9% (Vaniqa) cream is FDA-approved to reduce growth of unwanted facial hair in women. A randomized trial of 33 women aged 22-65 years evaluated the efficacy of eflornithine use in addition to laser treatment (J Am Acad Dermatol. 2007;57:54-59). Either eflornithine 13.9% or placebo cream was applied to the left upper lip for 30 weeks; the opposite treatment was applied to the right side. Laser treatments were administered to the entire upper lip every four weeks for six treatments. The study cream was applied twice daily until two weeks after the last laser treatment. Thirty-one patients were evaluated at four-week intervals; final evaluation was at six months. Comparing eflornithine vs. placebo sides of the upper lip, 93.5% vs. 67.9% were rated clear or almost clear on investigator global assessment. On subjective assessment, 42% of patients considered eflornithine more effective and 58% considered the treatments similar; no patients considered placebo more effective. The mean differential hair counts were 7.9% lower in the eflornithine group, based on computer-assisted analysis of serial photographs (P<.01).