Advisor Dx

DermDx: Red Bump on Nose

An 82-year-old man presents with an asymptomatic lesion on his nose that he has had for approximately 1 year. Can you make the diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Talus Osteonecrosis

A 38-year-old woman presents with right ankle pain. The patient has been on high-dose corticosteroids following brain surgery. What is the best treatment option?

DermDx: Flesh-Colored Papule

A 64-year-old Hispanic man presents with several skin lesions but the lesion of most concern is a flesh-colored papule under his right eye. Can you make the diagnosis?

OrthoDx: Unstable Burst Fractures

A 56-year-old man presents to the emergency department with severe lower back pain after a fall. He denies any weakness or numbness in his lower extremities but does have pain to palpation over the L1 region of his spine with moderate paraspinous spasm. What is the best treatment option?

OrthoDx: Thoracic Compression Fracture

A 65-year-old man presents with a thoracic compression fracture at T11 that he believes was caused by a fall on his icy driveway. What is the real cause of the compression fracture?