The use of baby shampoo as part of an eyelid-hygiene regimen (Item 100-27) has been accepted for some time in the treatment of chronic seborrhea, rosacea, and allergic blepharitis as well as in patients with noninfectious eye irritation. While I would not recommend washing the eye as the writer described, gently cleansing the lid margins with a cotton swab dipped in baby shampoo is effective. A number of proprietary cleansers are marketed for this purpose at considerably greater cost.
—Susan Petry, PA-C, Durham, N.C.

I agree. There is certainly a place for baby shampoo (the best ophthalmologists I know use it), but it should be scrubbed gently on the lid margins and lashes with the eyes tightly closed. It should never be used to “wash out” the eye.
—Reuben W. Zimmerman, PA-C (102-18)

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