Is there a Web-based resource that would guide clinicians in establishing a treatment plan for mental disorders, such as depression?
—Fahim Farhat, MD, Houston

A host of Web-based resources can help physicians with treatment of mental disorders. Some sites are free; others are not. One of the easiest to use is MDConsult ( This site returns information from textbooks, journal references, guidelines released by professional and governmental organizations, and news items. Journal articles are usually available for a fee. Often, hospital libraries have an institutional subscription, which allows medical staff to obtain references free or for a nominal charge. The American Psychiatric Association will allow you to purchase specific guidelines for download (pdf format) ( Accessed April 19, 2007). These guidelines come with a downloadable “watch” feature that provides relevant updates. Information about treatment for clinicians and patients is available without charge from the National Institutes of Mental Heath Web site ( Also gratis, the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research ( publishes evidence-based reviews and some treatment guidelines on psychiatric disorders.
—David Brody, MD, physician in charge, Psychiatric Outpatient Service, Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City (103-8)

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